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About us

Trackntrace offer global positioning services for companies, organizations and individuals. We have – in close collaboration with our hardware developers – created a powerful tool that enables us to offer our customers a unique solution for tracking and positioning. Our service is easy to use and through our portal you are able to monitor any connected units, be it a vehicle, a shipment, a valuable asset or a person. The possibilities are endless and we rely heavily on customized solutions.

Trackntrace was founded in 2006, by people with extensive experience in marketing, distribution, developement, customer relations and telecommunications and have since then broadened its organisation to include people in communications, web design and UX. We've signed important strategic agreements with significant partners like ISPs, software developers and operating companies and currently distribute trackers in a unique package with financing and insurance.

Trackntrace were early on to a market that has since exploded and that is expected to grow a lot more in the coming years, and have with our unique software established ourselves as one of the leading companies within our field on the European market.



Our main focus at Trackntrace lie within the software and therefore we see our trackers as carriers of our services and not as the main component. This has resulted in an open solution where we may integrate different units into the same system – all according to our clients' needs – and are as a result a stable partner for the changes to come, regardless of what hardware this may involve.

That being said, the hardware remain an essential part of the solution which is why we work very closely with our hardware developers, from blueprint to end product. Trackntrace supplies the software and the system configurations for the whole process to offer a unique solution that remain hardware independent. All products undergo extensive testing before they are certified.

To date, our product portfolio includes a variety of units from several of the world's most reliable manufacturers – in Asia, the United States and Europe – and span between everything from wrist watches to advanced and customized units for heavy industry.


With the aid of our software, all connected units around the world communicate with our servers, within set intervals and at specific calls. The strength of the software lie in the fact that information is stored on our servers and not on the individual units, and may be displayed however we choose in our web interface.

Trackntrace has developed one of the most versatile systems on the market today. It is completely scalable and any information that enters the system may be exported and used to the clients' needs, and since the strength of the product lie within the software Trackntrace' solutions remain hardware independent.


CargoSpace24 is a digital platform for the European markets that matches shipping needs with unoccupied freight capacity in real time, founded on the latest technology in positioning services (GPS). CargoSpace24 is the first independent platform where consumers with shipping needs can find and book vacant space on a freight vehicle nearby and where shippers can easily find additional cargo on their designated route to fill up any vacant space.

For shippers and consumers alike, this means cheaper and more effective transportation, with increased revenue and less unoccupied space which leaves a smaller ecological footprint due to the fact that fewer routes are driven with little or no cargo.


Trakk provides positioning services, automated drivers' logs and fleet management with a focus on vehicles. With a simple installation of a tracker in your vehicle, we are able to provide our clients with versatile tools to simplify its management, for both drivers and administration. In our drivers' application (IOS, Android, Windows), the drivers in the field can easily oversee their latest activities and receive route descriptions from clients, catalogue their trips and monitor how much time they've spent at a certain location, etc.



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